Friday, December 9, 2011

Yes, You can set the Entry, Target and Stop Loss Order at Once!

ionDESK grants traders and investors what they have been wanting for years. We've all needed it and we've all wanted it. That one request is the simple ability to create an order with an entry, target (profit point) and stop loss all at once.

Traders know that this approach makes them more discipline and less panicked when entering a trade. With other systems you have to create the buy order, then you can only set a stop or target order. Then if the trade goes against you, you must cancel the target order then create the stop order. Doing all of this while your position is losing value can be frustrating.

Professional traders at large firms have the ability to do this. Why shouldn't we?

ionDESK makes this possible through the use of the Bracketed Order Form!
Bracketed Orders
Using our bracketed orders form you will trade professionally with more discipline and accuracy. We've again made it easy to place bracketed orders with entry, target and stop points or any combination for stocks, options and ETFs. Also custom and global conditions may apply to orders.
Visit the DEMO Video page to see this feature in action.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How to Use Bracketed Orders build a Better Straddle Strategy!

In this video we review how to create a professional straddle strategy using ionDESK bracketed forms to generate the order automatically. This includes entry, target and stop all with profit locking triggers.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Taking the Toys from the Big Boys!

Retail traders wake up!  There is something special going on here!
Have you ever thought it would be cool as heck to be able to trade based on news? I don't mean see or hear the news and place a trade with your mouse. No, I mean as the news is published to the world you are able to act on it instantly!

ionDESK News Plus enables you to trade based on news automatically, manually or receive an alert when certain news criteria is met. It allows you to actually rate and specify keywords in the news and then act on it. I actually tested this feature and it works great. Oh by the way it is easy to use.

I’m not here to sell you, just tell you. See for yourself. Check out the video!

Monday, November 14, 2011

ionDESK Robot

If you've been curious about automated trading and how it works, you really need to checkout ionDESK. They have made automated trading easy.

These guys are taking a different approach than other trading platforms. You can trade on news events, place protective orders in one click, practice trading live with no risk and much more us traders have been begging for.

ionDESK currently works with Etrade and TradeKing.